How To Effect The Best Delivery Of Cannabis Clones

     In gardening terms, when we refer to cloning, we are referring to a plant that is the exact replica or reproduction of the original plant. The original is called the mother plant. Cloning is very commonly used for the purpose of propagation and is commonly prevalent amongst herbs, fruits, vegetables and ornamentals such as flowers. There are obviously a number of benefits of cloning and the biggest advantage is that it offers a budget friendly and alternative method of propagation. This is ideally suited for nurseries which are just being set up. Further cloning through propagation is not difficult and can be done quite easily and even those without too much of gardening experience would be able to go it.

How Is Cloning Done    

There are many ways by which cloning can be done and the most popular way is by plant cutting. This is done by taking a stem cutting measuring around five inches. The cutting is done from the parent plant. However, the cutting should be done properly. To be successful it is important to cut it around half an inch from the leaf. Further the cutting should be done using sterile and sharp shears. You could also use a razor blade and a knife that is clean and sterile will also do the job. Cutting it at 45 degree angle is the best option.

Different Types Of Cloning Techniques     

You could use different types of cloning techniques. When it comes to successful cloning most people prefer going in for ground layering. This is a proven method of cloning. In this method the branch has to be buried and the tip should be poking upwards. This will ensure that the plant gets the best of nutrition while growing. This is highly important as far as efficient and successful cannabis clones is concerned. A ground layered clone will ensure that it gets all the necessary nutrients and vitamins from the parent plant. Many professionals also use a rooting hormone so that the required degree of cloning success is achieved.     Air Layering    

This is another popular method of cloning and it requires a bit more of expertise and skill. It is chosen for plants that are difficult and tough to clone. This technique is about removing the top layer of the branch of the plant and then having it wrapped in a bag. The bag contains a growth medium. A small hole is made below the node and this ensures supply of nutrients to the cloned plant.

Transporting It Safely Is A Must    

While there could be some of the best techniques and ways by which cannabis cloning should be done, transporting it to the customers important. There are many instances where the cloned cannabis plants are lost because of improper packaging and transport. The newly cloned plants are fragile and therefore they need special techniques and methods of transportation and delivery. You must avail the services of experienced people. Hence, it would be a good idea to get into touch with us for cannabis clones. You can reach us at or 833-IGOT-420. We will do a good job of sending your precious cannabis clones in the right condition.